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    "My overall experience has been life changing. I will forever take the tools I have learned and apply them in my life. Liza is a compassionate and loving person. It is painful for me when I reflect back on where I was before I meet her; however, I am forever grateful for the life skills and tools she has provided for me. I feel freedom and peace in my soul. I highly recommend her services to anyone. I wish more people had access to her gift of life. Not only has she helped me but my family life has changed and I am so happy. With the wisdom she taught me my son is happier today. Thank you!"

    Jayne Montross,, Cooper City

    "Liza taught me how to use yoga and meditation as a coping mechanism and a relaxation technique so I could deal with stress in a positive or healthy way without eating or drinking. Liza designed a customized 90 day wellness plan to meet my needs.
    The challenging part of my transformation that Liza helped me with the most was to change the way I see myself emotionally and mentally. When Liza first met me, I was full of self-doubt, and self-rejection. I judged myself harshly and I did not like the person that I was. As my physical condition improved, Liza was able to teach me how to love myself again and to accept who I was, and to focus on what my purpose was in life."

    Scott Myott, , Miami

    "Meeting Liza and experiencing the practice of mindfulness was, by far, the highlights of our trip.

    It is clear to us that her practice and teaching of yoga and mindful living is more than a job.  She believes in what she does and does it to an extraordinarily high standard. It is "who she is" and she teaches from her heart and soul.

    Teaching the practice of Yoga and mentoring is truly her calling and we are so glad we were able to participate with her!"

    Linda McAvoy