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We offer simple and highly effective mindfulness meditation practices to help you decrease stress, improve focus and clarity, boost your energy and provide a conscious community to connect and relate to! Get ready to create a new and improved relationship with your mind!

Join our bi-monthly call to experience simple mindfulness meditation exercises that will help you release stress and become more focused.

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April 18th at 7:30pm
May 9th at 7:30pm
May 23rd at 7:30pm
June 6th at 7:30pm
June 20th at 7:30pm
July 11th at 7:30pm

By becoming a Monthly Mindfulness Member, you will receive two monthly calls to help you:

  • Lower their stress levels
  • Improve their level of attentiveness and clarity
  • Increase their overall energy levels
  • Connect with a conscious community
  • Get customized coaching support on stress reduction
  • Learn fast and highly effective mindfulness and meditation practices.
  • Create a new and improved relationship with yourself

Purchase a 3 month Mindful Monday's Membership Special by midnight Friday April 8th  and receive the

Bonus:  Choosing Happiness Podcast Series  and workbook ($50 value) FREE! Total Price: $57 (50% savings!)

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"Liza Pitsirilos, M.S., E-RYT, is highly sought after for her expertise on how to prevent and to reverse the detrimental effects of stress on the brain and body caused by the increasing demands of work, life and constant connection to technology. She specializes in pain management and teaches highly effective stress reduction strategies for individuals and groups. Her gift to the world is helping people transform feelings of disconnection and stress into calm confident connection and clarity about what's important in life and a pathway for a radiant and fulfilling life."