As many of you know I am a Certified Forrest

Yoga Teacher. One of the things that I love about Forrest Yoga is that it helps students cultivate

an accute awareness of their own practice and life processes, which results in an exhilarating journey

of self-discovery, healing and cleansing. How cool is that?

The Creatrix Ana Forrest is an

ordained practitioner of Native American Medicine and often speaks of the value of going on vision

quests  to re-connect back to spirit.

A vision quest is a right of passage in some Native

American cultures and is one of the most universal ancient means to find spiritual guidance and


With the increasing connection to technology, communication and growing responsibilites

we place on ourselves, we often loose sight of the value of taking personal time to go within. Classes

like yoga, meditation, dance (to name a few)  are a short doe of it. But sometmes we need to go

deeper : ) With the beginning of summer solstice, now is a great time to go outside and connect to

self, nature and community.

Over the next three weeks, I’m going to do just that. I’m embarking

on a vision quest of my own in Greeece and Italy to provide a deeper understanding of my life and its

purpose. This has been a trip I’ve envisioned for a long time and it coincides with a very challenging

time in Greece’s history as the Greek people contemplate their identity in relationship to themself,

their family, the country Europ and the world. I expect a lot of twistis and turns along the way these

next few weeks.

So my question to you is: What summer activity do you have planned to go


Please share yours below. I’ll be sharing my insights and discoveries from my vision

quest here. Stay tuned…


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